king j. bradley

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they call him king

I am the captain of my fate, i am the master of my soul

Drumming up an innovative blend of Dance, Hip-Hop, and RnB, King J. Bradley is a dynamic DJ and producer poised to break into the music scene. Born in Norfolk, VA, and raised on the eastside of Atlanta, GA, King J. Bradley’s sound is a lively fusion of his diverse roots and the vibrant sonics of Beale Street, Memphis, TN – a testament to his deep appreciation for varied musical landscapes.


Inspired by the trailblazing works of Pharrell, Outkast, Ye, and Timbaland, King J. Bradley crafts immersive soundscapes that resonate with his audiences, leaving them entranced and eager for more. His knack for producing resonant beats and unforgettable melodies sets him apart, marking him as a rising star to watch.

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